Antenatal Classes & Parent Education

Antenatal classes/Parents education can help you to prepare for your baby’s birth and give you the confidence and information you require.


All our antenatal classes will take place in your home at your convenience and at a date/time of your choice at any time after 28 weeks of your pregnancy.


You can learn how to:

  • Look after and feed your baby

  • Stay healthy during pregnancy

  • Make a birth plan

  • Learn about important symptoms in pregnancy

  • Labour and Birth care 

  • Signs of labour

  • Different stages of labour

  • When to call your midwife or go into hospital

  • Breathing exercises

  • Pain relief in labour

  • Position for labour and Birth

  • Pregnancy yoga for labour

  • Transition

  • Perineal massage

  • Importance of skin to skin contact

  • Physiological or active placenta delivery

  • Baby apgar scores 

  • Unexpected situations

  • Instrumental delivery

  • Caesarean section - emergency/planned

  • Breastfeeding includes physiology of lactation, manual expressing, tongue-tie, baby jaundice, engorgement and mastitis, correct positioning and attachment, signs that baby is feeding well

  • Emotional health - hormonal changes, baby blues and postnatal depression

  • Postnatal care includes: healing from stitches, wound care, lochia/bleeding, sleep, recovering from instrumental delivery or caesarean section, pelvic floor exercises.

  • Baby care includes: cord care, bathing, normal newborn behaviour, basic first aid and CPR when to seek medical help, risks for SIDS. Changing nappies, handling newborn, swaddling, burping


You can book each session separately or the whole course .


Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and how we can help you .

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