Complicated Pregnancies

There are many factors that can make a pregnancy high risk. A high-risk pregnancy can threaten the health or life of the mother and/or the fetus. It requires specialized extra care from specially trained midwives and doctors. Early and regular prenatal care helps many women have healthy pregnancies and deliveries without complications.


Risk factors for a high-risk pregnancy can include:

  • Pre eclampsia 

  • Diabetic in pregnancy 

  • Chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems 

  • High blood pressure in pregnancy 

  • Itchiness in pregnancy (Obstetric Cholestasia)

  • Placenta previa or low placenta

  • Previous traumatic birth experience or complicated pregnancy

  • Multiple pregnancies

  • Raised maternal age 

  • Mental health illnesses 

  • Any other pre-existing medical problems or caused by pregnancy


Our expert panel of midwives and obstetricians ensures you receive adequate care throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal. 

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