Hospital Birth

Most women opt to have their babies in the hospital. This can be for clinical reasons or feeling more comfortable. Either way, we are happy to support you with your hospital birth. Our expert panel of obstetricians and midwives ensure you and your baby are always in safe hands. 

If you choose "consultant lead care package" for your pregnancy and birth; your chosen private obstetric (pregnancy specialist doctor) will see you throughout your pregnancy with regular antenatal appointments and the reassurance of being able to contact him/her at any time of the day or night in the event of an emergency or concern. She/he will also be on hand throughout your labour and delivery, providing support and reassurance as well as expert medical attention. 

When your labour starts, you make your way to the hospital and your obstetric consultant will meet you there. 

If you choose "midwife & consultant care package" for your pregnancy and birth; your private midwife might be able to accompany you in the hospital to ensure you get the support you need during your birth in the hospital. The continuity and reinforcement of information will ensure that you feel positive throughout your labour and birth. However, in some hospitals, your private midwife won't be able to be clinically responsible for your care throughout birth but she might be able to stay with you to support you throughout.

In all our partners' hospitals, you will be provided with your private room during birth and after the baby is born.

Within 12-24 hours of your discharge from hospital, Your midwife visits you at home all through your postnatal period to maintain continuity of care.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and how we can help you. 

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